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The beautiful beaches and laid-back lifestyle of Key West, Florida make it a favorite destination for groups of friends, families, professionals, and anyone looking to get away from it all. A recent survey by U.S News & World Report ranked several Key West properties among “Best Hotels in Florida”, so it’s a great destination for group travel. The stunning island with its laid-back atmosphere has plenty of attractions and entertainment to keep everyone happy.

Whether you’re looking for peaceful relaxation, exciting adventures, or a lively nightlife, you’ll find something for your group here. We’ve curated hotel reviews on the web for mentions of groups to help you make the most of your Key West group travels. The beautiful beaches, inviting atmosphere, and variety of accommodation options listed below make the Keys the perfect choice for your next group vacation.


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Reviews Related to Groups

If you’re planning a group trip, consider staying at NYAH (Not Your Average Hotel) Key West. This renowned group travel hotel is conveniently located near downtown Key West and offers an array of vibrant nightlife options.

NYAH isn’t just another hotel. It’s about creating memorable experiences for its guests. The resort prides itself on providing spacious accommodations complete with guest rooms that can be customized to fit any group size. The flexible room design makes it perfect for friends looking to make Key West their vacation spot together.

Dive into island-chic luxury accommodation offerings. Situated close to Naval Air Station in Key West, this true oceanfront resort oasis provides complimentary upgraded rooms styled in tropical elegance. Additionally, there are numerous free services such as shuttle rides within downtown Key West and bicycle tours around the city. This is all aimed at enhancing your stay experience.

Fancy a dip? With multiple pools and hot tubs set amidst lush tropical gardens – every moment spent here becomes an unforgettable memory. Not forgetting those who prefer some adventure during their holiday, Oceanside Marina ready for your group boat outing is right next door.

Reviews Related to Groups

Positioned at the southern end of Key West, The Southernmost Beach Resort is a popular group destination. This Key West resort delivers island-chic accommodations in its spacious guest rooms. This makes it an ideal spot to make Key West your group travel hotel base.

A True Oceanfront Retreat. Downtown Key West’s vibrant nightlife and wide array of complimentary resort experiences are what you get when you choose this true oceanfront retreat. The downtown location means all major attractions are just steps away from where you stay.

To add to the convenience, there’s also free shuttle around downtown, making it easier than ever for groups on outings.

If small corporate meetings or private gatherings define your travel purpose, then look no further. Equipped with state-of-the-art meeting spaces and a dedicated staff ready to assist, everything about your event will be seamless.

This venue isn’t limited only to business events but caters well even if government groups or production teams seek something unique. Leisure activities like group boat outings or bicycle tour options aren’t scarce either.

Your comfort matters, which is why their luxurious guest rooms combine style with ease, ensuring relaxation after exploring downtown Key West’s offerings. An added bonus? Depending upon availability, guests might enjoy a complimentary upgraded room too during their stay.

Reviews Related to Groups

The Tranquility Bay Beachfront Resort, a true oceanfront hotel oasis, is your next group travel potential stay in Key West. This destination offers spacious accommodations complete with breathtaking views and an array of complimentary resort experiences for social gatherings.

Welcome to the heart of downtown Key West. A place where comfort meets style – Tranquility Bay houses over 87 guest rooms that provide island-chic accommodations. The modern amenities ensure that each member’s stay, from government groups to production groups, is nothing short of exceptional.

Beyond just providing a room, they make Key West exploration easy by offering services like free shuttle rides around downtown Key West. So you can dive into its vibrant nightlife without transportation worries.

If adventure fuels your soul, then get ready, as this Naval Air Station Key West location arranges exciting activities. Things like bicycle tours or even group boat outings straight from their main marina located at Oceanside Marina, ready for guests who want more out of their visit.

The resort also caters to small corporate meetings or private events with upgraded room options on request. Their settings are ideal, whether it’s governmental bodies looking for retreats or film crews scouting locations.

So when planning any trip involving groups visiting the beautiful region of Key West, remember, Tranquility Bay isn’t merely accommodation but rather forms an integral part of the experience.

Reviews Related to Groups

Among the many options for group travel accommodations, Havana Cabana at Key West emerges as a true oceanfront resort oasis. Its prime location in downtown Key West and its distinct Cuban ambiance make it an attractive choice among the wide array of hotels available.

The island-chic accommodations are hard to resist. This group destination offers spacious guest rooms complete with modern amenities set against vintage decor that harks back to old Cuba. Comfort blends with nostalgia during your stay.

Beyond aesthetics, Havana Cabana hotel in Key West is equipped with facilities designed specifically for group travel. Whether you’re part of government groups or production groups planning small corporate meetings, this hotel has got you covered. All while offering complimentary upgraded room services and a free shuttle around downtown Key West, making exploration easy even for large parties.

To add some thrill to your itinerary, Havana Cabana at Key West puts together bicycle tours and exciting group boat outings off Oceanside Marina nearby. Get ready to turn ordinary social gatherings into memorable experiences. Plus, vibrant nightlife awaits just steps away from your accommodation. Yet another reason why we recommend this place when discussing ideal hotels suitable for group travelers visiting Key West. You can look forward to lively evenings after productive days spent in meetings or exploring the main marina.

Reviews Related to Groups

Imagine a place where the vibrant night life of downtown Key West is just steps away from your door. A place that offers not only island-chic accommodations but also an ocean side marina ready for group boat outings. That’s what you get when you choose The Marker Key West Harbor Resort.

This renowned group destination has it all. Situated in the heart of downtown, The Marker makes Key West truly accessible to its guests – be they government groups or production groups needing proximity to Naval Air Station Key West.

Location matters, especially if you’re here for the night life. With its bustling downtown scene, you can stay close to the action and enjoy a stress-free night out.

Your comfort takes center stage at The Marker. Guest rooms are equipped with plush bedding and modern technology ensuring restful nights during your stay. And guess what? Complimentary upgraded room options can even cater to small private meetings or corporate gatherings.

If water activities are part of your itinerary, this resort won’t disappoint. Its main marina opens up possibilities – whether it’s exploring surrounding waters or simply enjoying various offerings by local vendors.

Beyond these features though, The Marker promises memorable experiences too.

You’ll find complimentary resort experiences like social gatherings around their three pools as well as free shuttle services around Downtown adding value to every moment spent here. So why wait? Come experience this true oceanfront resort oasis yourself.

Reviews Related to Groups

The DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Key Resort, located in the heart of Key West, is a popular group travel hotel destination. It is known for its spacious accommodations complete with modern amenities that make your stay comfortable and memorable.

A True Oceanfront Oasis Awaits You. This resort stands as an oasis offering guest rooms designed to provide comfort and convenience. Each room comes equipped with complimentary upgraded features like high-speed internet access and premium cable channels.

In addition to island-chic accommodations, this Key West resort ensures easy accessibility to popular attractions including downtown Key West and Naval Air Station Key West through free shuttle services offered on-site. This makes transportation hassle-free during your vibrant nightlife outings.

If you’re planning small corporate meetings or social gatherings, look no further than DoubleTree. With well-equipped meeting spaces available on-site, it caters perfectly for both small private meetings and larger events alike.

From a group boat outing at Oceanside Marina nearby to bicycle tours around town, these activities add fun-filled memories to any trip.

Not just about providing accommodation but creating unforgettable experiences. That’s what makes the difference when staying at The DoubleTree By Hilton Grand Key Resort.

Reviews Related to Groups

Known for its vibrant nightlife and renowned group destination, the Pier House Resort & Spa is a gem nestled in downtown Key West. With spacious accommodations complete with island-chic guest rooms, this resort offers an unforgettable experience.

The Perfect Spot for Group Events. This true oceanfront resort oasis sits near the main marina of Key West – ideal for those groups who wish to travel beyond their hotel stay. The complimentary services include a free shuttle that can take your group around downtown Key West’s wide array of attractions.

Beyond just being conveniently located, what sets Pier House apart are amenities designed specifically with groups in mind. It boasts flexible meeting spaces suitable not only for small private meetings but also larger government or production groups, along with offering complimentary upgraded room options.

To enhance your visit further, they too offer unique experiences such as bicycle tours through city streets or even arranging a group boat outing at Oceanside Marina. Ready upon request by their dedicated staff members, truly making Key West more enjoyable while staying here.

Your gastro needs will be well taken care of without having to venture far. Multiple dining venues within steps from your accommodation serve diverse cuisine choices right on-site. This ensures every aspect of your visit remains convenient and memorable. This makes it one perfect choice among many when considering where you should stay during your trip to Key West.

Reviews Related to Groups

Located in the heart of Key West, Cheeca Lodge & Spa is the next group destination that provides spacious accommodations. Complete with guest rooms and island-chic accommodations, this hotel caters to all types of groups.

Their services go beyond just offering comfortable lodgings. This Key West resort offers complimentary experiences tailored towards social gatherings such as small corporate meetings or even intimate private meetings. This extra service makes Cheeca Lodge stand out among other downtown Key West hotels for group travel.

Beyond its stunning location near Naval Air Station Key West, this hotel ensures your stay will be filled with activities to suit everyone’s interests, from exploring vibrant nightlife in downtown Key West to embarking on a bicycle tour around the scenic landscapes surrounding the lodge itself.

If you’re looking into hosting events during your visit, their event spaces are designed to accommodate everything from wedding groups to event production effortlessly. Plus, if you book more than ten rooms, they often provide a complimentary upgraded room.

An exceptional feature about Cheeca Lodge is its proximity to Oceanside Marina – making it ideal for any planned group boat outing activities while staying here. Be it fishing trips or sunset cruises, having access to the main marina can truly enhance your trip, creating unforgettable memories among all members of your travel party.

Reviews Related to Groups

Imagine a quaint group destination, nestled in the heart of downtown Key West. This is Santa Maria Suites. With its spacious accommodations complete with island-chic guest rooms, it’s no wonder that this resort has become an oasis for travelers.

A true oceanfront resort experience awaits you here. Your stay at Santa Maria Suites promises to be a daring adventure packed with complimentary upgraded room services and amenities galore.

If there’s one thing Santa Maria Suites excels in besides providing comfortable accommodation, it’s their wide array of services offered. Free shuttle service around downtown Key West? Check. Catering to government groups as well as production groups? Absolutely.

And let’s not forget about the oceanside marina right on your doorstep when staying at these suites. Imagine embarking on an unforgettable group boat outing during your stay; experiencing Key West from another perspective while creating memories worth cherishing forever.

No matter if you’re planning business retreats or simply want some time away with friends or family members, Santa Maria Suites are more than just hotel rooms – they’re experiences waiting to happen.

Reviews Related to Groups

The Perry Hotel & Marina Key West, located on the main marina, is a true oceanfront resort oasis. This renowned group destination offers spacious accommodations complete with all modern comforts and amenities.

It’s time to explore what makes this hotel perfect for your group travel needs. Beyond just being a place to stay, The Perry creates an environment that caters specifically to groups including government groups, production groups, or even small corporate meetings. Their island-chic guest rooms are designed keeping in mind the comfort of every member of your party.

Apart from providing comfortable stays in their guest rooms, they also offer services like free shuttle rides downtown Key West where you can soak up some vibrant nightlife without worrying about transportation logistics. An added bonus? They often provide complimentary upgraded room options based on availability.

This isn’t merely convenience. It creates memorable experiences for each visitor. And they ensure seamless execution of events whether big or small private meetings within their premises.

If adventure calls out during your stay at The Perry, there’s plenty awaiting. From arranging a fun-filled group boat outing through Oceanside marina ready service allowing you to make Key West memories together while enjoying beautiful views over azure waters – everything is possible here.

In addition to boating adventures, consider taking part in other complementary resort experiences. Social gatherings by the poolside or exploring nearby attractions via a bicycle tour – yet another way to experience the essence of Key West.


Key West is a paradise for group travelers, offering a variety of hotels to cater to every need and preference.

The NYAH Key West provides flexibility with its customizable rooms, perfect for any size group.

If beachfront luxury is what you’re after, The Southernmost Beach Resort and Tranquility Bay Beachfront Resort won’t disappoint.

Havana Cabana at Key West offers an authentic Cuban vibe while The Marker Harbor Resort serves up modern elegance in the heart of downtown.

DoubleTree by Hilton Grand Key Resort delivers comfort and convenience. Pier House Resort & Spa promises indulgence like no other.

Cheeca Lodge & Spa combines relaxation with adventure; Santa Maria Suites assures home-like comfort amidst vacation excitement.

Last but not least, The Perry Hotel & Marina Key West takes waterfront living to new heights!

Now that we’ve toured through some top-notch options for your stay in this tropical haven, it’s time to make those dreamy plans a reality. If you’re ready to embark on unforgettable group adventures in these amazing Key West group travel hotels.

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