Best Hotels for Groups in the Pocono Mountains

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Ever thought about what makes the Pocono Mountains such a hit with group travelers? Well, it’s time to uncover that secret. The allure of the Poconos is irresistible, especially when you have company. The Pocono Mountains has an array of group hotels each offering its unique charm and amenities. These aren’t just your average stay places; they’re designed to bring people together in shared experiences.

We’ll be taking you on a journey through some crowd favorites like Woodloch Pines Resort – known for keeping groups entertained throughout their stay, or Camelback Resort – where fun and adventure meet under one roof!

We’ve combed through the hotels in the region and found the best ones for group travel. Some of you may notice that two popular resort hotels in the region are not on our list. Sadly, these locations didn’t meet our data quality standards but we’re confident you’ll find the right alternative from the ones we’ve highlighted below.

Pocono Mountain group hotels
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Reviews Related to Groups

A visit with your group to the Pocono Mountains isn’t complete without a stay at Woodloch Resort hotel. This all-inclusive family resort has something for everyone in your group.

All-Inclusive Experience

No need to stress about meal planning or activities scheduling; Woodloch’s got you covered. Forget about the hassle of organizing meals and activities – Woodloch’s all-inclusive package makes it easy to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

With three hearty meals served daily, there is no chance anyone will go hungry here. From home-style comfort foods to international cuisines, they’ve got a spread that’ll please every palate.

An Array of Activities

The resort’s location nestled amidst nature makes it an ideal base for outdoor adventures. But what sets this place apart are the numerous engaging activities available right within its grounds.

You can kickstart your day with yoga by the lake or take part in friendly archery competitions – making memories together as a group was never so easy.

Luxurious Accommodations

After an action-packed day exploring the beautiful Poconos outdoors and participating in various onsite events, you’ll want nothing more than restful sleep. And boy does Woodloch deliver. The rooms here are spacious yet cozy offering unmatched mountain views – perfect retreats after days filled with adventure.

Guest reviews on TripAdvisor also highlight their excellent customer service and comfortable accommodations.

Premier Entertainment Options

Evenings at Woodloch Resort are never dull. Their night-time entertainment options range from Broadway-style shows to comedians and magicians. There’s also a dance party every night – so get ready to let your hair down.

A Resort for All Seasons

No matter the season, this resort offers an unforgettable experience full of fun activities like water sports in summer and snow tubing in winter. Whether it’s water sports in summer or snow tubing in winter – there is always something fun happening here.

In short, if the idea of strengthening group ties while surrounded by natural beauty and a touch of luxury appeals to you, then this is the place you’ll want to stay.

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If you’re seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation for your group, look no further than the Camelback Resort. This hotel has gained popularity among group travelers because it serves as an oasis of fun with its myriad amenities.

At Camelback, there’s something to cater to everyone’s taste. The heart-stopping thrill rides at the indoor water park keep adrenaline junkies entertained while those looking for a more relaxed time can enjoy serenity in their luxurious rooms or at the spa. No matter what type of traveler you are, this place ensures that boredom is off-limits.

A World Of Adventure Indoors

The main drawcard here is undoubtedly Aquatopia – one of America’s largest indoor water parks covering 125k square feet. It boasts seven pools and thirteen slides ensuring hours (if not days) worth of excitement.

But if someone in your gang isn’t keen on splashing around all day? Not to worry – they’ve got options too. From mini-golfing to rock climbing or unwinding with VR experiences; there’s never a dull moment here.

Luxurious Accommodations And More

Camelback offers various room types suitable for groups big and small. Their suites provide ample space where you can unwind after a day full of activities.

In addition to comfortable accommodations, Camelback doesn’t skimp on dining options either. With multiple restaurants onsite serving everything from Italian cuisine at Berrelli’s Family Style Italian Kitchen to grab-and-go snacks from Trails End Pub & Grille – variety really is the spice when it comes to food choices here.

Soothing Spa Experiences

After a day packed with action, there’s nothing like treating yourself to some pampering. The onsite Serenity Spa lets you do just that. At Serenity Spa, you can indulge in a range of treatments from facials to manicures and pedicures for ultimate relaxation.

Whether your group trip is all about creating shared memories or pampering yourselves, Camelback Resort surely hits the mark.

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Imagine a castle nestled between the peaks of Shawangunk Ridge, overlooking Lake Mohonk. That’s Mohonk Mountain House for you.

This historic resort has been welcoming groups since 1869. Its Victorian architecture makes it stand out among Pocono Mountains group hotels.

The appeal of this grand hotel is not only in its impressive structure, but also the range of facilities it provides. Whether your group seeks adventure or relaxation, this place won’t disappoint.

An Adventurer’s Paradise

You’ll find over 85 miles of hiking trails here that wind through dense forests and rocky terrains leading to stunning views from atop cliffs.

Avid rock climbers can take on ‘The Gunks’, one of the most famous climbing spots in North America. Don’t worry if you’re new to this; they offer guided climbs too.

Lakefront Leisure

If water is more your element, get ready for some lakeside fun. Rowing boats, paddleboarding – choose what floats your boat (pun intended.). Plus, who could resist an afternoon swim followed by sunbathing?

Soothing Spa Sessions

Mohonk’s award-winning spa, with its mineral pool and yoga classes promises rejuvenation after all those adventures.

In winter months don’t miss their ice-skating rink – yes, inside a pavilion reminiscent of old-world charm.

Not everything at Mohonk screams adrenaline rush though.

Gourmet Dining Experience

A day at Mohonk isn’t complete without dining at their main dining room. Serving farm-to-table meals, the food is as delightful as the panoramic views of Catskill Mountains it offers. They also cater to dietary restrictions, so everyone in your group can indulge.

Cozy Accommodations
The accommodations range from charming rooms within the Mountain House to separate cottages for those who need more privacy. Each one reflects a perfect blend of traditional and modern aesthetics.

At its core, Mohonk Mountain House doesn’t just offer a place to sleep. It promises an experience that transcends the ordinary.

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If you’re searching for a grand mountain resort that caters to groups, look no further than Skytop Lodge. This magnificent hotel in the heart of the Pocono Mountains offers an abundance of outdoor activities guaranteed to keep your group entertained.

Set amidst 5,500 acres of stunning landscapes, Skytop gives groups room to explore and create unforgettable memories. Whether it’s hiking through pristine forests or engaging in fun team-building exercises like zip-lining or paintballing, there’s never a dull moment at this resort.

A Place Where Adventure Meets Comfort

Surely one thing that sets Skytop apart is its commitment to providing comfort without compromising on adventure. The lodge houses spacious rooms with spectacular views overlooking the gardens and lake – perfect for unwinding after a day full of action-packed exploration.

Their superb amenities also include pools, both inside and outside, where visitors can take in the stunning views while lounging. Moreover, their state-of-the-art meeting spaces are ideal if your group trip has some business elements mixed into pleasure too.

Dining Experience That Excites Your Palate

Dining at Skytop Lodge is another experience altogether. Offering multiple dining options from formal settings to casual eateries – each restaurant provides exquisite cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients.

You could start your day off right with breakfast at Windsor Dining Room then enjoy lunch outdoors at Callaway’s located just steps away from the pool area. When evening rolls around make sure not miss out on experiencing fine dining paired with excellent wines served up by Lakeview Restaurant – all these places cater excellently well for larger groups making meals a hassle-free enjoyable affair.

Unforgettable Group Activities

But what truly makes Skytop Lodge a paradise for groups is its plethora of activities. The resort boasts an 18-hole championship golf course, an award-winning spa and wellness center, hiking trails through beautiful landscapes, and even seasonal activities like ice-skating in winter or kayaking in summer. With these facilities on offer, there’s something to capture everyone’s interest within your group.

Reviews Related to Groups

Among the best group hotels in Pocono Mountains, Grand Cascades Lodge stands out. This hotel brings together luxury and nature to give your group an unforgettable experience.

This lodge isn’t just a place to sleep – it’s an adventure hub. From golf courses that will challenge every player in your group, to indulgent spa treatments for those who need relaxation after a long day of fun, there’s something here for everyone.

A Golfer’s Paradise

The highlight is its award-winning Ballyowen Golf Club. Ballyowen Golf Club is an award-winning 18-hole public course that tests players of all skill levels with its stunning views and rewarding yet challenging layout. A round here can be both exhilarating and humbling.

Beyond Ballyowen, you’ll find six more unique courses across the resort. That means seven different opportunities to hit birdies with friends or colleagues – or perhaps make some friendly wagers?

Luxury Meets Nature

Don’t think Grand Cascades is only about golf though. Its accommodations blend opulence with outdoor beauty seamlessly. The rooms are plush havens featuring fireplaces and stunning mountain vistas that soothe tired eyes at dusk.

The lodge also features a tropical biosphere pool complex where you can swim under lush greenery year-round – because why should swimming be limited by seasons? Not at Grand Cascages.

Redefining Group Dining

From upscale dining experiences at Restaurant Latour to casual meals at Crystal Tavern, the Lodge provides a diverse range of dining options. The award-winning wine cellar is sure to impress your group’s oenophiles.

And let’s not forget about Chef’s Garden – where you can enjoy farm-to-table cuisine surrounded by nature. Here, fresh ingredients are picked right from the garden and transformed into delicious dishes that redefine what it means to truly taste freshness.


Exploring Poconos group hotels can be a thrilling journey. From the family-friendly allure of Woodloch Pines Resort to the adventurous appeal of Camelback Lodge & Indoor Waterpark, there’s something for everyone.

These aren’t just ordinary stay places… They’re perfect spots where shared experiences bring people closer. Each hotel is unique and packed with amenities designed specifically for groups.

Poconos isn’t only about luxury resorts though… It’s also about those unforgettable moments spent in serene mountain vistas. If you’re planning your next getaway, remember these names. With this guide in hand, picking your ideal retreat should be easy-peasy!

Dive into the charm of Pocono Mountains and let it create memories that last forever…

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