About Us

Roomblox was born out of the vast amounts of biased travel information available on the internet today. When you read about someone’s experience, you’re only getting one opinion. But what if others experiences aren’t the same? Travel booking sites have a wealth of information from the masses but extracting that data to your specific needs is tedious and cumbersome. With limited information available on group traveling, we decided to curate reviews from around the web to extract unbiased group traveling data that can actually be helpful to you.

We select only the top hotels with at least 4 stars and more than 100 reviews with relevant keywords, such as groups, conferences/conventions, meetings/retreats, & weddings. This ensures that you have access to unbiased information and a higher chance of enjoying your accommodations, as the data is based on a large enough sample size of real guest reviews that have stayed as part of a group.

Don’t see a specific hotel, keyword, or city? It’s likely because it doesn’t meet our data standards specifically for your needs. Feel free to drop us a line below if there is a specific item we should reconsider. Or read on to learn more about our authors. Thank you for visiting!


Danny Lopez is an avid traveler having worked in the hospitality industry for 8 years. He loves to generate new business ideas and was overwhelmed with the massive amount of travel information available online. So he came up with the idea to curate traveler reviews to help people make informed decisions about their destinations. If he’s not browsing the web or tending to this site, he can be found spending quality time with his beautiful wife and kids.

Makenna Hamm is a college student majoring in Education and a passionate traveler. She loves to explore new places and rarely passes on an opportunity to do so. Her goal is to provide valuable insights and helpful research on this website, so that others can have the perfect traveling experience.