Best Hotels for Groups in Savannah

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Ever tried planning a group trip to Savannah and found yourself overwhelmed with the multitude of hotel options? You’re not alone. Booking hotels for groups in Savannah can seem like an endless maze, but it doesn’t have to be.

Picturing your crew unwinding at rooftop bars or basking by outdoor pools? How about waking up within walking distance from historic Forsyth Park? Maybe you’ve got pet lovers among you needing pet-friendly rooms?

Savannah’s diverse hotel offerings are worth celebrating – from urban resorts boasting panoramic views, intimate cocktail lounges, fine dining establishments and even cooking schools. But which ones truly cater to groups?

We’re here to help navigate that labyrinth!

Hotels for Groups in Savannah
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Exploring Savannah: A Destination for Groups

Savannah, Georgia, the Hostess City of the South, offers an intoxicating blend of old-world charm and vibrant city life. Its rich history combined with its modern flair makes it a popular destination for group travel.

The iconic River Street is one must-see when visiting Savannah. Groups can meander down cobblestoned lanes lined with centuries-old edifices containing a miscellany of shops, art galleries, and some of the city’s choicest eateries.

Famed as a city built on its dead due to its abundance of ghost tours and eerie tales passed down through generations – this side of Savannah adds thrill to your visit. But don’t worry. The spirits are friendly here.

A Walk Through Historic Savannah

The heart beats strongest in Savannah’s historic district. It is known not just for hauntingly beautiful squares but also architectural treasures like Victorian mansions or colonial homes – all speaking volumes about their pasts.

No trip would be complete without exploring Forsyth Park where Spanish moss hangs from giant oak trees providing shade over 30 acres parkland ideal for picnics or leisure walks making memories together.

Gorgeous Gardens & Magnificent Mansions

Beyond the downtown area lies magnificent estates such as Wormsloe Plantation boasting majestic avenue oaks creating picturesque landscapes perfect for photography opportunities during golden hour light conditions, especially appealing to those seeking scenic backdrops for group photos while enjoying southern hospitality at its finest within these opulent surroundings. Don’t miss out on the grandeur here – get your share now.

Culinary Delights Abound

Savannah’s dining scene offers a plethora of choices to satisfy every palate. Whether it’s savoring the traditional Southern fare at Paula Deen’s restaurant or indulging in seafood delicacies along River Street, food lovers will find plenty of options.

Immerse yourself in the art of Southern cuisine. With expert chefs guiding you, it’s a unique opportunity to learn new skills and create delicious dishes right at the Mansion on Forsyth Park Cooking School.

Fun Fact About Group Accommodations in Savannah

You might be surprised to learn that there are six historic inns providing unique, memorable accommodations for travel groups visiting Savannah’s Historic District. The options here truly cater to everyone’s tastes.

Services & Amenities Offered by Hotels for Groups in Savannah

Fine Dining and More in Downtown Savannah

In addition to accommodating your sleeping arrangements and venue requirements, these hotels go above and beyond by integrating fine dining options into their offerings. If you’re seeking both comfort food and high-end cuisine under one roof then consider places like St. Neo’s Brasserie – equal parts beloved by locals as much as visitors.

Their menus feature diverse culinary delights inspired by local ingredients – everything from savory seafood dishes at the oyster bar to exquisite entrées served alfresco style on pendant terraces overlooking panoramic views of our beautiful cityscape.

Social Spaces: From Cocktail Lounges To Vinyl Rooms

No visit would be complete without experiencing Savannah’s vibrant nightlife. Many hotels feature intimate cocktail lounges, like the one found at Eliza Thompson House. Here, you can unwind after a day of sightseeing with some locally crafted cocktails and delightful bites.

For music lovers in your group, there are even places that house vinyl rooms for an evening filled with great tunes from yesteryears. These spaces offer a chance to connect through shared musical interests while enjoying the unique ambiance these establishments provide.

Activities & Attractions Near Savannah Hotels

Savannah, Georgia is more than just stunning architecture and southern charm. The city offers a variety of attractions for groups to explore.

Forsyth Park: A Green Haven in the City Center

Start your journey with Forsyth Park, an iconic green space right in the heart of downtown Savannah. Whether you want to stroll under moss-draped oaks or enjoy a picnic amidst blooming azaleas, this park makes for a refreshing break from urban hustle.

City Hall: Historical Charm at its Best

No trip would be complete without visiting the majestic Savannah City Hall. Admire its golden dome gleaming above the skyline and delve into local history by exploring exhibits within.

Saint Bibiana’s Church: Architectural Marvel

Saint Bibiana’s Church, another historic gem that holds immense architectural significance. Its grandeur captivates visitors making it worth celebrating as one of Savannah’s most cherished landmarks.

As per recent statistics, accommodations suitable for meetings, corporate events, tour and travel groups are abundant in Savannah. You can make the most of your group travel by enjoying these attractions and more.

Unveiling the Best Hotels in Savannah for Group Accommodations

Savannah, known for its Southern charm and hospitality, is an excellent choice for group travelers. Its unique blend of historic sites, fine dining options, and vibrant nightlife make it a destination worth celebrating.

The Drayton Hotel

The Drayton Hotel, nestled in downtown Savannah’s Historic District, offers groups seeking both comfort and style an ideal place to stay.

This urban resort has panoramic views from its rooftop bar which serves up fresco spritzes that are equal parts refreshing and relaxing.

Amenities at The Drayton Hotel

The hotel gives priority reservations to guests for their on-site cooking school – a fun activity perfect for bonding with your travel mates. It also boasts pool access so you can cool off after exploring the city or simply lounge around soaking up some sun.

Eliza Thompson House

Nestled near Forsyth Park lies another gem: the Eliza Thompson House. Known as one of the best family hotels in Savannah because it caters specifically to groups’ needs with amenities such as evening receptions where chance encounters turn into memorable moments.

Beyond just lodging at Eliza Thompson House…

This charming inn isn’t just about sleep. They believe every day should start right by offering complimentary breakfasts each morning during your stay. They’ve even got house accounts available so that everything is easy when you’re enjoying yourself.

East Bay Inn

Situated within walking distance from the heart of downtown Savannah, East Bay Inn stands out with its distinctive architecture reflecting equal parts Southern charm and elegance. As part of Savannah’s historic district, the inn offers more than just accommodation It provides a taste of old-world splendor amidst modern comforts.

In addition to spacious rooms perfect for larger parties, East Bay Inn offers free access to fitness classes nearby. So even on vacation or during business trips, there’s no need to compromise on health routines. Plus, with priority reservations at top local restaurants such as St. Neo’s Brasserie serving up hearty meals in cozy settings – guests can explore Savannah cuisine without any hassle.

Rooftop Bar & Outdoor Pool Access

An evening reception hosted by friendly staff members kickstarts each night here perfectly, allowing chance encounters between different groups staying at the hotel, making it a sociable environment that is always worth celebrating. Add that to pool access available for all guests along with panoramic views from the rooftop bar area, providing a space where everyone can relax after a busy day exploring the city.

The Vinyl Room, our intimate cocktail lounge, makes evenings more memorable. The Vinyl Room is the perfect place to unwind with a glass of wine or savor handcrafted cocktails, offering an experience that’s equal parts soothing and invigorating.

More Than Just a Stay

Whether you’re asking about group rates or filling out our special request form, East Bay Inn is known for its top-notch service. We go beyond just offering comfortable rooms and excellent amenities. Our commitment to exceptional service sets us apart.

The Marshall House

The Marshall House, located at the heart of downtown Savannah, offers a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of group travelers. The hotel features 68 well-appointed guest rooms that exude historic charm while offering modern conveniences.

This property is known for its event spaces which are perfect for hosting private events or dinner parties. Plus, their competitive group rates make it an excellent choice when booking accommodations for larger parties.

Besides providing comfortable lodgings and event venues, they offer unique amenities such as access to a refreshing pool oasis during those warm Georgia summers. Additionally, there’s a delightful gelato cart on-site – because who doesn’t enjoy a sweet treat after exploring Savannah’s historic district?

A key highlight is their family programming that caters specifically to groups with children. These activities provide fun learning experiences about the city’s rich history while keeping young ones entertained throughout your stay.

The Gastonian

If you’re planning a wedding and looking for an intimate, historic setting, The Gastonian is an excellent choice. Known for its specialization in weddings, this beautiful Savannah hotel provides the perfect backdrop to say ‘I do’.

The Gastonian can accommodate up to 34 guests overnight, making it ideal if your party includes close family and friends who need lodgings. It’s more than just guest rooms though. They offer event spaces tailored to create unforgettable private events.

Ambiance Worth Celebrating

You’ll find that every corner of The Gastonian echoes with southern charm, from their lush garden which makes a great wedding site, down to their stunning interiors that make dinner parties feel like royal feasts.

To ensure your special day runs smoothly without hitches or glitches, they provide top-notch services designed specifically for group needs. They understand what’s worth celebrating isn’t just about grandeur but also comfort and convenience too.

Luxurious Amenities For Your Guests

Beyond the wedding ceremony itself, there are other amenities at The Gastonian sure to impress your guests. A dip into their pool oasis might be all you need after a long celebration while others might prefer indulging themselves with delicious treats from the gelato cart stationed by the poolside during summer months.

Their on-site restaurant offers fine dining options where each dish is crafted with utmost attention ensuring both taste buds and eyes feast equally well.

Crafted Family Programming

If your wedding will involve kids or families staying over then rest assured because family programming at The Gastonians takes care of them as well. Activities include everything from arts and crafts to storytelling sessions, so even the little ones will have a memorable stay.

Not forgetting about those guests who prefer exploring on their own. They’ll find downtown Savannah right at their doorstep with its historic charm, excellent restaurants and shopping opportunities just a short stroll away.

Olde Harbour Inn

Set in the heart of Savannah’s historic district, Olde Harbour Inn stands out as an all-suite inn with a history dating back to the 1890s. It provides a unique blend of contemporary comfort and architectural charm that is ideal for group stays.

The distinctive architecture details transport guests back in time while offering modern conveniences. Each suite boasts well-appointed living spaces and kitchenettes for family or group gatherings. Its location along River Street gives it panoramic views over the Savannah River, creating picturesque memories during your stay.

Suites That Feel Like Home

Apart from being richly historical, Olde Harbour has contemporary layouts making each guest room feel like home away from home. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, these spacious suites offer enough room to accommodate everyone comfortably.

You can expect evening reception every night at this hotel where complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres are served alongside good company— perfect way to wind down after exploring downtown Savannah together.

Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If you have furry members joining your tour group, don’t fret. Olde Harbour offers pet-friendly rooms so nobody gets left behind on this trip.

Dogs get their own welcome basket filled with goodies upon arrival because they deserve vacation treats too. The friendly staff will even give advice on dog-friendly parks nearby for daily walks — now that’s what we call top-notch service.

Nearby Attractions & Activities

This urban resort’s central location lets groups easily explore vibrant city life without straying far from their cozy retreat. Within walking distance lies City Market which is filled with shops, galleries and eateries. Not too far off is the iconic Forsyth Park — perfect for afternoon strolls or picnics.

Group travelers can also take advantage of priority reservations at Bardo Savannah, a fine dining establishment offering delectable dishes worth celebrating together.

The Ultimate Event Spaces

With their cozy atmosphere and excellent service, they’ll ensure your events will be unforgettable. Whether it’s a dinner party or an intimate gathering, Olde Harbour Inn is the perfect place to create lasting memories.

The Kehoe House

Group travel has its own unique needs and when it comes to accommodation, The Kehoe House ticks all the boxes. Situated within a short distance of Savannah’s historic district, this hotel offers an array of amenities tailored for groups.

A Blend of Luxury and Comfort

The Kehoe House, part boutique hotel, part urban resort is nestled in downtown Savannah. It combines modern design with classic southern charm making it an excellent choice for groups seeking comfort with a touch of luxury.

Rooms are spacious and offer panoramic views over the cityscape – perfect for those downtime moments between group activities or simply enjoying some relaxation after exploring everything that Savannah has to offer.

Culinary Delights at St. Neo’s Brasserie

Dining experiences become more memorable when shared with others. Near The Kehoe House, you’ll find St. Neo’s Brasserie, where local flavors meet global inspiration – truly equal parts Southern hospitality and international culinary artistry.

Vibrant Social Spaces

Socializing is key on any group trip and spaces like the intimate cocktail lounge or Vinyl Room allow guests to gather together easily while fostering chance encounters among travelers from different walks of life. And let’s not forget about pool access. Whether you want to start your day off right with a refreshing swim or wind down as dusk settles in around the rooftop terrace pool area – these options help ensure every day is worth celebrating.

Events and Celebrations

The Kehoe House’s versatility extends to events as well. It’s a great pick for gatherings such as weddings or company retreats, with special rates available for bigger bookings. If your party includes a celebration, their staff will be on hand to help coordinate all the details so you can focus on enjoying Savannah with your companions.


Scouting for the perfect spot for your group getaway doesn’t have to be daunting. Savannah’s rich selection of hotels offers a blend of history, charm and top-notch amenities.

From rooftop bars at The Drayton Hotel to charming wine receptions at Eliza Thompson House – these Hotels for Groups in Savannah provide more than just beds. They’re gateways into unique experiences.

The Marshall House and East Bay Inn boast special services and distinctive appeals respectively, making each stay memorable. Attractions like Forsyth Park are often just around the corner!

The Gastonian is an excellent choice if you’re planning a wedding while Olde Harbour Inn’s 1890s architectural details make it stand out as an all-suite historic inn.

Your journey through Savannah begins here. With thoughtful choices based on what matters most to your group! So start exploring today!

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